Promoting city culture and pouring support and infrastructure back into the community to maintain an uplifting, thriving environment.

capturing real people thriving in the city of

Washington, DC

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Rūl strives to unveil the authentic dynamics of city life by showcasing the various talents and stories with intentionality, meaning, and purpose. Rūl encourages the collaboration of artists to promote city culture. Keeping community values at the core of the mission, Rūl believes in pouring support and infrastructure back into the community to maintain an uplifting, thriving environment.


Rūl opens its doors to the city, helping individuals achieve their personal or business goals by offering affordable professional photography. Rūl offers premium apparel that caters to the passionate mind while serving those in need. We are a team of cultured professionals serving the community and bringing awareness to real urban life.



We set out to bring awareness to the complexities of urban life on the local level. To showcase the spectrum of our vast talent and experiences in the city often muted by gentrification, to build a collaborative environment and joint efforts to help elevate each other and our people in need. We aspire to uplift the community by taking power back by investing and putting our talents and skills into each other.


25% of profits will go to our outreach efforts. We set out to provide everyday human essentials to the homeless community and low-income children within the city. Providing these items, we hope that our authentic care will boost the hearts of those members of our community who may think God has forgotten. 


City life for the community should not be limited to poverty and trauma. But, expose a mindset of DRIVE and GRIT to live in a city and THRIVE. Through our outreach, we will spread awareness of each other talents and experiences to change minds in our community. Real Urban Life is a strategic tool to arrive at a new outreach space within the community.

DMV-based photographer


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The community should not be confined to poverty and trauma in city life. Instead, we aim to foster a mindset of determination and resilience to thrive in the city. Through our outreach efforts, we aim to raise awareness of the diverse talents and experiences within our community and work towards creating positive change. Real Urban Life is a platform for reaching out and creating meaningful connections within the community.